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    Mavuno Business System (MavunoBiz) is a social enterprise, duly registered in Kenya as a business organization based in Emali, Makueni County, Kenya. As a social enterprise, MavunoBiz is dedicated both to carrying on a sustainable business activity and solving a social problem.

    Business Activity

    MavunoBiz provides outreach marketing service to a wide range of clients including companies, NGOs, financial institutions, government agencies, individuals, etc... at an agreed fee. MavunoBiz also runs an

    e-shop selling downloadable stories as part of generating its own resources.

    Social problem

    MavunoBiz addresses the crippling problem of female youth unemployment in Makueni county. It champions and implements goals 1, 5 and 8 of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since its inception in September 2017, MavunoBiz has provided job opportunity and mentorship to more than 300 young women across Makueni County, aged between 18 and 27 years old,  either drop-outs or form-four leavers or college goers and who're working as Field Officers. MavunoBiz solves this social problem through three pillars of action as follow:

    Pillar 1 - Job Opportunity

    Pillar 2 - Mentoring Activities

    Pillar 3 - Anti Substance Abuse Action

    Click here to read more (PDF doc)

    Our Mission

    We strive to use our business activity as a mean to empower young women for a better sustainable future.

    Our Vision

    Every young woman who works with MavunoBiz as a field officer is equipped with values that will lead her to make a better tomorrow.



    MavunoBiz is a member of SESOK (Social Enterprise Society of Kenya) and AWID (Association for Women's Rights in Development)