Rules and Regulations

    Before submitting your job request, please understand the rules


    Article 1: Working with Mavunobiz as a Field Officer, you’re expected to understand CLEARLY the following terms:

    1.1. MavunoBiz is a business that provides outreach marketing services to a wide range of clients, including companies, NGOs, financial institutions, government agencies, individuals; at an agreed fee.

    1.2. Outreach marketing, a system of marketing that involves reaching out to customers and prospects literally where they are and engaging them on a human to human basis.

    1.3. Mavunobiz is also a social enterprise whose social commitment is to address the problem of unemployment among “female youth” in south-eastern Kenya. The female youths are absorbed into the business to work as Field Officers.

    1.4. A field Officer is a young woman whose duty is to reach out to a target audience to promote or market what she’s been instructed to.

    1.5. The requirements to join MavunoBiz as a Field Officer are: (a). Be a young woman aged between 18 and 27 years old either a dropout or a form-four leaver or a college goer; (b). Be currently residing in south-eastern Kenya and (c). Be brave to approach and communicate to people face-to-face.

    1.6. MavunoBiz does not provide permanent job but semi-permanent or temporal job that is coupled with entrepreneurial mentorship designed to empower female for a better sustainable povert-free future.

    1.7. MavunoBiz is a flexible employer, you’re therefore free and even encouraged to carry out other parallel activities such as going to college, running your own business, working for somebody else, etc… as long as those activities do not interfere with MavunoBiz’s programme.

    1.8. MavunoBiz does not discriminate among ethnicity, colour nor physical appearance.

    1.9. MavunoBiz does not belong to any religion nor any cult. It’s secular and accommodates field officers from all religious backgrounds and denominations.

    1.10. Mavunobiz is not an affiliate to any political party. It’s apolitical.

    1.11. Mavunobiz is not a subsidiary nor a branch of any organization or institution. It’s a stand-alone entity.

    1.12. MavunoBiz is a member of SESOK (Social Enterprise Society of Kenya), an umbrella body for social enterprises in Kenya.

    Article 2: Any form of misconduct such as backbiting, quarrelling, fighting, influencing others wrongly, etc… is not allowed in MavunoBiz. In case of any difference, please report to manager.

    Penalty of misconduct: Suspension. To be back to the team, you must present a letter of apology.

    Article 3: If you have a boyfriend or husband, please let them know clearly about your job as a Field Officer with MavunoBiz. We cannot condone any interference emanating from boyfriends or husbands as a result of wrong perception or misunderstanding of the nature of our job.

    Penalty for boyfriend’s/husband’s interference: Suspension. To be back to the team, you must present a letter, preferably with a chief’s or advocate’s stamp in which your boyfriend/husband authorise you to carry on with your work with MavunoBiz.

    Article 4: Any Field Officer who brings in outside gossip or false accusation or misrepresentation that interferes with MavunoBiz’s business, will be fired on the spot and a legal action taken against them. Field officers are encouraged to discuss on issues or challenges they’re facing in the field.

    Article 5: You must always wear your uniform (black T-shirt) while on duty. Wearing your uniform off duty is not allowed.

    Penalty of not wearing uniform on duty and wearing it off duty: Dismissal.

    Article 6: You must always put on your name tag on duty. If your name tag is damaged or lost please inform the office immediately for a prompt replacement.

    Penalty of not putting on name tag: 100/= to be deducted from your wage.

    Article 7: In case you put on a sweater on top of your uniform, make sure the front is open so as to allow MavunoBiz’s logo on your uniform and your name tag to be seen. It’s preferable to wear a pull over with your uniform on top. The uniform you wear is a marketing tool on itself, the business logo in front and the website on the back must be clearly seen at the market.

    Penalty of wearing a cloth that prevents the view of your uniform: 100/= to be deducted from your wage.

    Article 8: You should not carry any bag only the plastic clear bag or any other bag provided by MavunoBiz should be carried.

    Article 9: Before starting any field work, you must always sign a working agreement with MavunoBiz.

    Article 10:  Every Field Officer is given a programme. You’ll know exactly in which market you’re assigned to work and on which day. You should not refuse or resist to go where you’re assigned to work. In case of difficulty in performing your duty in a particular assigned market, due to reasons known to yourself, please inform the office as soon as possible for a replacement

    Penalty of not informing the office: Suspension

    Article 11: In case of unavailability due to various circumstances, such as sickness or emergencies on the date assigned, please inform the office as earlier as possible for a replacement.

    Article 12:  You must always keep time of reporting on duty. In your programme you’ll know exactly where to report at what time. Please KEEP TIME. Any late coming will be fined a penalty.

    Penalty: 100/= deducted from your wage.

    Article 13: Despite the fact that MavunoBiz is secular, we’re spiritual; we believe in God. Before leaving for any field work, we always bow down in prayer.

    Article 14: Before leaving for field work, you’ll be expected to share a word or quote of motivation with the rest of the team. Please always prepare in advance your motivational word or quote. You’ll be required to write it down in form 26A for purpose of records.

    Article 15: If you’re off duty please don’t lie to your family or your partner that you’re on duty by going out. In case of any problem, if you had lied, Mavunobiz shall not be liable. We have all the records that will prove that you were on or off duty.

    Penalty of lying to be on duty while off: Suspension.

     Article 16: In any field work, there must be a field crew (the team). A field crew is composed of a field coordinator (1), a field manager(1) and field officers (ranging from 3 to 12). You’ll be supervised by the field manager.

    Article 17: You’ll have the opportunity to be assigned as a Star Lady or Assistant Star Lady. A Star Lady is a field officer who has been assigned and given the authority to be in charge of other field officers in the field. Her duties are: to coordinate with the field manager, to collect direct feedback from prospects in the field, to encourage and motivate field officers, to book and report those who break the rules. The Assistant Star Lady automatically assumes the role of Star Lady in her absence or as instructed. The Star Lady is crowned with two stars while the Assistant with one star. As a Star Lady you’ll be required to give a report by filling form 26B.

    Article 18: Upon arrival at an assigned market, before you start the job, make sure you’re cleared by the field manager by signing form 18A and also you’re cleared by the field coordinator by participating at the team’s photo which must be updated on our Facebook page for the purpose of records.

    Article 19: Depending on the type of contract we get, our field working time is generally between 10:00AM to 4:00PM.

    Article 20: Doing shopping during field work is not allowed.

    Article 21: Using phone during field work is not allowed. You must put your phone off and leave it with the field coordinator. Only the Star Lady and her assistant are given business phones for the purpose of coordination in the field.

    Article 22: You’ll be paid 1,000/= a day of work. There may be tips, bonuses or commissions; in case they are, the field coordinator will clarify to you

    Article 23: Transport to and from the assigned market is provided. Our dispatch centre is Emali. If you live far away from Emali, MavunoBiz will facilitate you with accommodation in Emali the previous day of your assigned duty so as you can leave with the rest of the team on time the day of your assigned duty.

    Article 24: Breakfast will be provided on the way to the assigned market and a drink during break time in the field will provided. Any other meal such as lunch will be upon yourself.


    If you agree to abide by the rules and regulations stipulated above, CLICK HERE to submit your job request.