Please read these Terms of Service carefully before using the


    1. The acronym and terms in this service have the following meaning:

    • NNS = The New Normal Shift.

    • Client = Anyone who consults NNS.

    • Consultant = An official of NNS who will interact with the client about their request submitted to NNS.

    • One-time consultation token = An affordable fee for consultation paid by the client.

    • Possibility-Sharing = Any practical idea that can work at the grassroots level shared to the client by the consultant.

    • Opportunity-Shift = Any innovative idea or new method and its implementation shared to the client by the consultant.

    • Follow-up = Action taken by the consultant to know how the client is faring on after sharing the opportunity-shift with them.


    2. NNS is a virtual consultancy platform whose aim is to help clients from all walks of life to let go the old ways of yesterday in order to find the new opportunities presented by this global Covid-19 crisis today.

    2.1. To consult NNS, a client only requires internet access.

    2.2. To get started, a client either sends an sms with the word “New” to 0796096412 or logs on directly to

    2.3. NNS identifies a client with a File Number which is provided to the client from the beginning of their consultation.

    2.4. A File Number is mandatory and it’s not transferable. It’s a set of 7-digit alphanumeric character (e.g 1001A11).

    2.5. A client can possess as many File Numbers as they wish as long as they’re generated from NNS.

    2.6. Only one File Number is valid per consultation session.

    2.7. A previous File Number can be used for all new consultation sessions.


    3. A client is required to purchase a one-time consultation token.

    3.1. The token is purchased once and it’s valid for only one consultation session. It is sanctioned by the choice of one of the following packages:

    • NNS-Mtaani (KES 100): Possibility-sharing, no follow-up.
    • NNS-Combo (KES 200): One opportunity-shift, no follow-up.
    • NNS-Access (KES 500): Three opportunity-shifts, single follow-up.
    • NNS-Plus (KES 800): Five opportunity-shifts, several follow-ups.
    • NNS-Extra (KES 1,000): Seven opportunity-shifts, unlimited follow-ups.

    3.2. Once purchased, the token is not refundable.

    3.3. The token doesn’t cover any extra cost to be incurred by the client as a result of implementing the opportunity-shift/s.

    3.4. The token is strictly purchased through Lipa Na M-PESA TILL No 918477 (Recipient: Mavuno Business System, the NNS’ custodian)

    3.5. The M-pesa code received after payment (e.g OHL4TOVIVQ) is automatically the token number the client is required to enter in the appropriate field in their consultation form.

    3.6. A false token number will automatically hinder the consultation session to take off.


    4. After submitting their consultation form, the client must allow 72 hours (3 days) for deliberation on their request. Sundays and public holidays are excluded.

    4.1. An InfoSMS will be sent to the client confirming the date they’ll be contacted by the consultant.

    4.2. When the 72 hours elapsed, the consultant will make his first contact to the client. This is normally to book the appointment for the interaction.

    4.3. The consultant will strictly be using the following phone number to interact with the client:  +254 746 972 056.

    4.4. The consultant will strictly be interacting with the client during the working days and hours, as follows: Monday to Friday, from 9am to 4pm; Saturday, from 9am to 1pm. No interaction will be done on Sundays nor on public holidays.

    4.5. The interaction between the consultant and the client will be done through either email or phone call or video call, depending on the client’s choice indicated in the consultation form.

    4.6. Interaction through email, will be done from the following email address:

    4.7. In case of a video call, the consultant will discuss with the client about all the necessary requirements prior to the call, see point 4.2.

    5. NNS shall not be liable to any failure suffered by the client to achieve the desired result. It is the responsibility of the client to be pro-active and put the necessary efforts towards the implementation of the opportunity-shift/s for their own success